Mt. Kilimanjaro


"About 6000 meters above the sea level"

Fulfil a dream – climbing up the highest and most famous summit in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro stands almost 6000 meters above sea level, but one does not need to be an experienced mountain climber to reach its peak. To climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro, you need to be in a fit and healthy state with a good all-round condition, strong will power and a little bit of luck. All you really need is the ambition – we will do the rest.

What to expect when climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Before you embark on your trekking adventure, you will meet with our Trekking representative for an extensive briefing. Route, safety procedures and health issues will be discussed in detail and you have enough time to ask any remaining questions. Your trekking gear will be inspected to ensure that you have everything you need to be safe and comfortable. If you are missing any gear, you can rent it from us.

Our Safari Packages

6 Days - Rongai Route

7 Days Machame Route

5or 6 Days - Marangu Route

8 Days - Lemosho Route

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"Some places are simply the greatest natural life reserves on the continent, not to forget The Serengeti migrations, without question a must-see while in Africa."